Church Council: The Church Council exists to create and supervise the strategic plan for the church so that the congregation fulfills its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.  The Council provides for planning and implementing programs such as nurture, outreach, witness and other resources for the church.  It also provides for the administration of the present life of the church.  The main function of the council is to envision, plan, implement and annually evaluate the mission, vision and ministry of the church.

The council shall be open and responsive to suggestion and function as the administrative agency of the charge conference.

Members of the Church Council include:  Pastor, Council Chairperson, various Committee & Ministry Chairpersons, Lay Leaders as well as interested members of the congregation who may be elected by the Charge Conference as “At Large” members of the Council.  All members, friends and constituents of the church are welcome and invited to attend the meetings.

The council meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month.